Hello, thanks to accept this interview, how are you. All is ok ? Are you ready ?
I’m good, thank you, yes I’m ready

Can you introduce you to our readers ? (Name, Age, Size, Weight, where you live, etc)
I’m Philippe Delvaux, I’m 23years old (in 2013, date of the interview – Ed.), 1m80 (5 feet) , 75 kg (165 lbs) and I live in Belgium in the city Antwerp

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Are you gay, bisex ? How did you discover it ?
I’m gay, a little bit bi but I never tried a girl yet, but I fantasy sometimes about a girl, I discovered I’m gay at my age of 6 years old, when I found a porn movie at my grandpa his house, I looked when I was alone and I liked to watch the men with big cock, I guess thats how I turn out gay 🙂

Describe your first sexual experience with a girl and with a boy ? How old you had for each ?
My first time with a guy was a few months before I turned 18 years old, with a 29 years old guy at Milan, Italy where he live. Its was nice, a good hotel en a good fuck and city trip. He fucked me first time and it felt so great I wanted more. I play also doctor when I was 8 years old with a girl, I fingered here and she sucked me, but it was just playing, we didn’t knew what we are doing at that age.

Are you top or bottom ? Doesn’t still hurt being a bottom ?
In my movies I have done I mostly bottom, the only reason why is because its easier for me to be bottom because I don’t have to be hard all the time, I just act . In private I do both, I love to fuck.

How long is your cock ? How big around is it ?
Its 20 cm (7.87 in) long and 6-7 cm (2.35-2.75 in) around

Are you in a relationship ?
No I’m single, for my job and in my life I don’t have a place for a boyfriend right now, in the past it was only drama and jealousy. I guess I haven’t met the right guy yet, but a week ago I met someone special, he is first class soccer player. But its like a secret relation because he is very famous and he have a girlfriend and child. Its not something can turn out in a serieuse relation I guess but never say never.

When and why did you start in gay porn industry ?
I started in 2008, when I was 18years old, in the first place I started in porn because my parents lost their business and I was hungry and had no money for food and to survive. I needed to make money fast to survive and this was a good way. It turned out they liked me in the camera and they offered me many more movies all around the world.

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How many porn videos have you made ?
I have made over the 60 movies, some are not released yet. And some old scenes they use in new dvd titles again.

Describe your first experience in porn ?
My first was at Eurocreme in London. I arrived and meet everyone, we go out for dinner to talk about my pornname and my scenes with the owner and the boss of Eurocreme in America, the guy from America was really hot and I sleep the night with him in his hotel room the day before the scene. he fucked me bareback. The producer Simon Boots was angry because he needed to film with me but I did great. I don’t know why I can’t have sex before my scenes, I can cum more than once and I’m sex addict, I can have lots of sex, producers don’t have to worry about my performance because I performance always great and I cum all the time.

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What’s your favorite scene that you’ve done on a gay porn video ?
I don’t have a favorite scene, I like all scenes, they are all different and every scene is another story behind the scenes, another country other people. I’m happy I have done all scenes. I don’t regret.

Who’s your favorite partners ? And why ?
I don’t have a favorite partner, we are actors and its just professional I can to build a serieuse friendship with my partners. I have made friends, but they life in another country, are busy, … its not like in private life. I do work and private separate.

What is your fantasy ? Do you hope to do it in porn video ?
My fantasy was Cody Cummings, the American pornstar and I have done that, after I had sex with him I never whatcheda scene with him again to jerk off, I was like great I filmed with him, I had him in real and videos are not turn me on again of him because I did real with him and I had him. Also My fantasy was a gang bang scene and I have done that also. Right now I have new fantasy, I would like to do double fuck, two cocks in my ass, and I also like to do a golden shower scene.

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What do you think about bareback ?
Well I think I’m going to do bareback, I’m talking to MachoFucker right now and they are interested. Machofucker is my favorite studio, because its real sex, without condom, cum, hard fuck, big cocks, its really horny and what other studios are scared from to do this time. Models are tested 6 weeks before the scene, and the day before the filming again a test, its clean and safe, nothing to worry about.

What is your best moment in gay porn ?
Many moments, too much haha I guess I need to have all pages of the magazine to tell about my stories or have to write a book 🙂 Its all nice, San Francisco, Prague, London, Paris, Canada, Italy, Germany, … so much countries and good stories and experience.

Name three guys working in gay porn right now that you’re dying to do a scene with ? Why ?
I don’t have gay porn guys I would like to work, I don’t really care about fame and hot guys, its just work. I work with the guys the producer like to film me with. In the past I filmed with famous pornstarts but I was new and I didn’t know them, I just was like “hi ! how are you ?” and normal to them. It was the producer choice and I think thats the best choice.

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What do you prefer in sex ?
I prefer in sex the two guys need to be into each other. They have to be turned on about each other. If the guy is not really turned on by me I prefer to have not sex with him. I like passion, figher, hot steamy sex without limits. Kissing, fucking each other, rimming, blow job, massage, hard and soft sex, for many hours.

How about the payment in porn? Because there is so many free porn on internet, isn’t it crisis in porn?
Yes it is really crisis, some studios are even not filming new content or using old not released content or making new but only a few new, not like few years ago. Also I got paid 500-1500 euros (620-1860 US$ – ed.) each scene, right now they offer only 200 euros a scene (250 US$ – ed.), last time a producer in Paris offers me two scenes, 250 euros for two scenes (310 US$ – ed.), he asked how much is the travel expenses. I said 175 euros (217 US$ – ed.), and he said I can not pay it its too expensive. Its really crazy, some pornstars are working for free right now, just for the name.

For finish , just some quickies… Which do you prefer ?
– Boxers or briefs ? Boxers
– Coffee or tea ? Both, it depends on the booth I am. But mostly I prefer Ice Tea 🙂
– Twinks or bears ? Bears
– Safe sex or bareback ? Bareback, if I know they are safe
– Jeans or suits ? Suits
– Blonds or brunettes ? Brunettes
– Summer or winter ? Summer
– Beer or liquor ? Belgium Beer 🙂

Thanks for this interview.

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